What is Taqat About?

Taqat Technologies is a customer centric technology company operating mainly in Saudi Arabia (Head Quarter in Riyadh) to leveraging up on distinct internet strategies for innovation and collaboration to tap into expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies across the world. Our goal is to expose the outcomes of such strategies and develop unique value proposition and sustainable advantage to our customers and partners. We currently operate three business groups:

  1. Consultancy Group: Providing expert advice and professional consultations in technical sense for best customer fit of technical solutions, and business sense for driving high business value and competitive advantage by incorporating the latest technologies in the best way possible.
  2. IT Infrastructure Group: Executing specialized high quality services and solutions development to Design, Build and Maintain the IT infrastructure of any organization. This group focuses on designing and building industry certified infrastructure solutions starting from intelligent structured cabling, Data Center Facilities, and Information and Communications Network.
  3. E-Solutions Group: Developing the strategic depth of Taqat Technologies to leverage for customers and partners the loads of value from the new unconventional way of doing business online and in real time. The group value proposition is delivered through providing cloud computing services to customers and partners and through customized and special purpose software systems developments.



To become a well-recognized market force for technology innovations, quality products & services, and a distinguished "value add" to customer business and operation.


Establish and grow market presence though quality interchange dynamics between our three different but interrelated core business lines while fostering collaborative business model to stream best resources to maximum customer benefit.


  1. Quality: Quality is the Center of our whole equation. We shall not compromise on quality of our delivery and deliverables.
  2. Integrity: Integrity is a core attribute to Taqat technologies and its teams. This involves all fronts of activities from engagement and relation management with customers and market elements to that adoption of the customer best interests.
  3. Innovation: Innovation is the grounds on which Taqat technologies should become a dominant force.