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Layout & Power Designs

A Data Center Layout design needs to cater for the operational needs of the organization yet taking in all the engineering aspects for best performance and cost optimization. Furthermore, Qonsult utilizes long term expertise in the power systems to design the power infrastructure all the way from the Electricity Company transformer at site through all the UPS systems, Generators, Switching boards and transformer to delivery high capacity, normalized and highly available power to the data center with near zero interruption service.

HVAC Systems

Qonsult provide the design service for the HVAC systems needed to maintain the proper air qualities (Temperature, air flow, humidity levels) and to design the layout and placement of all the HVAC system to maximize performance and reduce operational cost.

Safety & Physical Security

Qonsult provide the design and criteria for the Safety and Physical Security systems of the data center in accordance to best practices, and local Security codes and regulation and tailor it the specific criteria of the data center facility. This services addresses the designs for Fire Alarm, Fire-fighting, Access Control, CCTV, Leak Detection, and others.


Passive Systems

Qonsult provide complete services for Passive Systems Engineering to produce the necessary designs, layouts, and specifications for the Data Cabling Systems whether Copper, Fiber or even Wireless Signals. Such designs include optimization criteria by proper selection of cabling technology, termination and connectors’ method and standards, and cabling distribution system.


Site Evaluation and Gap Analysis

Qonsult has introduced a key and integral service to organizations that are working on establishing new data centers. This service module conduct a professional and extensive site evaluation exercise to gather and analyze all information of an existing site and run it across industry defined parameter and factors to evaluate and rate the different aspects of the site. This service concludes with a complete report on the site advantages and disadvantages broken down to the different domains showing the rate of the location against every domain and showing the gaps of the site against the different tiers of industry classifications for data centers. Furthermore, this module also provides recommendations for gap remediation and analyses of the feasibility of the remediation and the overall site.