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Taqat Score Card

Taqat Score Cards for Data Center Evaluation is repot generated by Qonsult that summarize the status of an existing data center and rate its different domain against a rating and weighting system developed by Qonsult. The advantage of this score cards is that it adopts the industry standards criteria and methodology yet it comply specifically with local conditions and local codes and authorities to best match city and country specific aspects and reduce overhead and impact of alignment with standards that might not relate to the local conditions.


UTI Certification

Qonsult provide UTI certification services to organization that wish to certify or re-certify their data centers against the data center industry standards set and managed by the Uptime Institute (UTI). This service allows Qonsult to share the Data Center Tier specification with the organization and analyze the data center against the UTI standard to allow the organization to streamline the datacenter for audit. Qonsult also runs a pre-audit exercise to make sure the data center is ready before it conducts the formal Audit in association with the UTI to eventually certify the datacenter officially by UTI against the relevant tier standard.