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Project Facilitation

Qonsult Group offers a complete and comprehensive package of consultancy and professional services designed to support an organization’s IT initiative through-out its inception all the way to the successful realization and execution of that initiative.

This service has significantly contributed to the success of IT initiatives and projects of different organizations by empowering the stake holders and decision makers with specialized and focused knowledge, tools and expertise from all angles of the domains related to the initiative whether technology updates, business/IT processes, market players and capabilities, design and architecture and overall feasibility and return on investment.

The service has been designed in a series of modules that can be grouped and streamlined in direct relation to the organization needs and requirements. The modules comprise of the following:


Requirements Discovery and Analysis

Discovery and Analyses is the first module of the Project facilitation services from Qonsult. It is designed to generate in a 360 degree view of the organization status and needs in relation to its IT initiative and deliver a detailed view of what are the specific requirements and potential solutions that best serves that particular organization needs through a series of the following professional activities:

  • Data Gathering: through Meetings and Workshops with sponsors, stakeholders, owners, and project teams. Also through detailed review of existing documentation, site surveys, and
  • Data Analysis: Correlation of gathered information, wish lists, requirement, and needs against best practices, industry standards and the specific parameters of the organization. This includes a first analysis of potential solutions to assist in filtering potential options.
  • Requirements Definition: The refinements and formalization of requirements through a series of workshops and presentations to the stake holders whom will evaluate every initial requirement against Qonsult rating of it for usability, feasibly, necessity and value. This exercise end with a compiled documentation of the final requirement in specific to the organization goals and in correlation to the market language and available market competencies.

Solutions Design and Architect

Design & Architecture is the second module of the Project facilitation services from Qonsult. Its purpose is to use the outputs of the Discovery & Analysis module and apply the relevant architecture models, best practices, and industry standards to generate the necessary architecture and designs of the required solutions. This is necessary for IT projects that are required to deliver products, or services to fit into the current organization environment and produce quick value.

Technology Mapping and BoQ Generation

In many situations, the organization wishes to be very specific on the solution it acquires for many reasons that include (compatibility with existing setups, leverage of vendor support, existing expertise with certain products etc.). This module will use the output Requirements and Designs of the previous 2 modules and will analyze them against the organization preferred vendors portfolios to generate a detailed Bill of Quantity that is specific to the requirements and easy to price. This module also facilitate the expertise at Qonsult to advise on the latest status of the different vendors, technologies, local partners, support, and price ranges in order to allow the organization best options when it comes to solution selection.

DRFP & Vendor Management Services

Qonsult offers in this module complete services related RFP (Request for Proposal) documentation and management plus the full cycle of vendor management for the specific IT initiative. Qonsult will utilize its experience in process and tools of RFP & VM to generate a full and detailed RFP that meets the projects requirements, Best practices and the specific policies and procedure of the organization. Furthermore, Qonsult can engage in the Management of the RFP by identifying potential vendors that best suit the IT initiative, and managing the process of the RFP and Evaluation all the way to generation of the a full and detailed evaluation report that is based on the mercies and weighting system that will be tailored to the organization needs and priorities.

Project Management & QA

Qonsult offers a PM and QA module where it undertake the Project Management and Quality Assurance on behalf of the organization by deploying professional project management and domain expertise to overlook and manage the project activities with the selected vendor. Furthermore, Qonsult will conduct the Quality Assurance function to confirm that vendor conformance to the quality standards and delivery expectations of the project and the organization.