DC Fit

DC Fit: is a packaged service from QSol group of Taqat Technologies for projects of Design and Build of Data Centers and Data Room. The engagement takes a defined physical space, adjust and completely furnish it with all necessary infrastructure systems and solutions to turn it to a computer friendly environment that is ready to host your mission critical business engines. The engagement all or any combination of the following areas:

  • Civil and Physical Adjustments: Design and Changes necessary adjustments of civil works to cater for data center requirements of space, layout, vertical and horizontal trenches and trunks, physical security, Air flow and any such element.
  • Power Systems: Design, Implement, and Integrate Electrical Power systems specifically to the needs of data centers with proper engineering of the following key attributes:
    1. High availability: Redundancy of systems and Power Generators integrations,
    2. Clear Power: Stability of currents and voltages and filtration
    3. Dynamic Power Management: Dynamic systems and solution to deliver the required power shedding and load balancing.
    4. Cost Conscious Design: Adjust the design to meet all criteria of the data center with proper consideration to cost impact of equipment placements and cabling distances.
  • Low Current: Design and Implementation of low current systems for structure cabling, panels, and cabinets of data, voice and controller units.
  • Raised Floor System: The complete setup of Raised floor system that contain and maintain necessary access, trunks and trays, air flow, and dust resistance. This include any over hear trunks and trays as well.
  • Safety System: The Design and Build of safety systems with proper consideration to safety of human operators and computer equipment. This include:
    1. Fire Alarm System
    2. Fire Fighting System
    3. Water Leak detection

  • Physical Security: The Design and Build of Physical Security systems based on best practices and unique location criteria. This include:
    1. Single and Double Gate Access
    2. Biometrics and Card based access
    3. CCTV systems
    4. Public Address Systems
  • HVAC Systems: The Design and Build of HVAC systems that comprise of Cooling, Humidity Control, and Air flow management necessary to keep all computer systems running in safe and favorable operating conditions.