Portals & WebServices

The dawn of Internet portals and web services came in the 90’s and has since been a flourishing business for people with creative ideas and the edge to survive in this competitive arena. Taqat Technologies has the intellect to design and develop your portal, and to give it the marketing plan it needs to make it a success.

 There are different types of web portals, some of which are:

  1. Personal: Personal portals can be related to any specific topic such as providing friend information on a social network or providing links to outside content that may help others beyond your reach of services. Portals are not limited to simply providing links. Information or content that you are putting on the internet creates a portal, or a path to new knowledge and capabilities.
  2. News portals: The typical news website as we know it is a news portal. Providing their viewers or customers with immediate and up-to-date news reports. This allows the news provider to accomplish what it’s print media counterpart cant:

     “Immediate news broadcast targeting customers or website visitors world wide”
  3. Government portals: These portals are usually developed for specific people or citizens, and provides not only information on government activities, policies, procedures and other requirements, but also online submission or applications for various government services.
  4. Domain specific portals: These portals are targeting a specific area, for example, recruitment portals, health portals, portals for cars and likewise. You might have a brilliant idea, and if it there is a market for it, have a sit with our people and let’s get it out to the world!